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Folders and property tooltips

This update is available in version 2.64.83 or higher.

Query editor folders​

You can now organize your queries and transformers inside folders! We’ve also re-structured the query editor so that queries and transformers are in the same list and can be organized together.

Property tooltips​

When you’re exploring the left panel (⌘B) in the editor, you’ll find tooltips as you hover over certain properties that surface helpful tips and documentation.

Editor improvements​

  • You can now search for imported queries in the Query editor menu
  • String type values in the green evaluation preview are now wrapped in quotes
  • Component drag-and-drop no longer interferes with selecting text in an input
  • You can now configure the resolution on utils.downloadPDF()
  • You can now omit elements when downloading a pdf of your Retool app with utils.downloadPage()
  • Query "on success" notifications are no longer configurable when they won't be displayed

Component improvements​

  • All Select components can now be set to allow app users to enter custom values
  • Enables option to search for and select custom values in Dropdowns. Clarifies difference between allowing a custom value and displaying an invalid value by renaming "Allow out of range values" to "Display invalid values"
  • Form components now also consider input components (Text Inputs, Selects, etc.) nested inside containers
  • Plotly chart components now omit numeric columns formatted as strings from parsed x-axis value options. Data returned from Postgres and Google Sheets datasets will now render correctly when graphed with Plotly component
  • DateTimePicker components now support "required" validation for forms
  • Fixed an issue where the Rich Text Editor would not always display the correct value after model updates

Resource improvements​

  • Cassandra resources now support read-only AWS Keyspaces
  • Fix Google Cloud DataStore ordering bug where clearing the ordering setting broke the query.
  • Fix for OpenAPI custom query parameters
  • Specifying a None for the Body field in REST queries will now send nothing instead of an empty object {}
  • Fixed an issue where certain Custom Auth steps for REST and GraphQL resources were skipped if they followed an OAuth2 step