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Posts tagged with Self-hosted Retool 2.88.


  • We've added support for multiple environments, making it easy to build, run, and test applications to suit your development needs. Now, you're not constrained by only Staging and Production: admins can configure as many environments as they need under Organization Settings > Environments.
  • Added support to control which menu items are highlighted in the Navigation component


  • Fixed action buttons for the Table component so that they fire on first click in editor mode
  • Fixed component selection so that hidden containers stay visible when you're selecting any component inside of them.
  • Fixed dynamic height components so that they don't shift the canvas layout when deleted
  • Fixed the editor canvas so it does not change it's size when dragging components
  • Fixed the Slider component and the Range Slider component's outputs when the value is over 1,000
  • Fixed visual height Switching height from auto to fixed now preserve visual height


  • Improved drag-and-drop such that moving a component into a Container component will preserve its width as much as possible
  • Increased the size of handles on components to make resizing easier