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v2.29.1 CSS Styles, Firebase updates

Custom CSS Styles​

  • You can now customize how your Retool apps look with global css styles by opening up the Settings screen and navigating to the Code section. Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 5.40.45 PM.png
  • Fair warning! You might end up changing the CSS of some of the Retool UIs. To avoid that, you can scope your styles under the .retool-canvas class name. For example see below: .retool-canvas h1 { color: red };

    Firebase writes​

    • Added support for .set, .update and .push methods on Firebase database refs.

      New and Improved​

    • Added .setData method to Table components

    • Our json parser supports numbers as property names

    • Our Salesforce integration correctly authenticates with sandbox environments.

    • Fixed support for Denodo write in on-prem setups.