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v2.31.26 Misc Improvements and fixes

Table Improvements​

  • The "pagination" ui on Tables can now be placed on the top of the top instead of the bottom of the Table.Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.23.12 AM.png
  • The "compact" Table mode now shows even more data by using shorter rows.

New and improved​


  • You can now specify both the "jumphost" (also known as "bastion") host as well as the port to connect. This is helpful when trying to connect a database through an SSH Tunnel with a jumphost that uses a non-standard SSH tunnel port (e.g. 22000).
  • You can use any Retool "parameter" inside table "formatters", and "color" formatters on top of the existing self and currentRow property.
  • Intercom now correctly works for all on-premise users.
  • Long-running queries on MySQL database queries now correctly timeout after the query's "timeout" setting.