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Retool Cloud updates for 05 May 2023

New features and updates available on Retool Cloud this week.

  • Added a Create resource button to all resource configuration pages without one
  • Added a Create resource button to the Google Sheets resource configuration page
  • Added a Day component
  • Added an offset to function blocks in Retool Workflows so that multiple blocks don't overlap
  • Added count and updateByQuery to Elasticsearch
  • Added functionality to workflow queries so their errors can be displayed
  • Added image uploader support in the editor to Retool Mobile's Image component
  • Added the ability to hide the minimap when editing a Retool workflow
  • Added the option to copy a shareable link to the Share button
  • Fixed an issue where Debug Tools didn't open after a successful auth test when configuring a resource
  • Fixed an issue where failing to publish a push notification to one device with Retool Mobile prevented push notifications from being published to other devices
  • Fixed an issue where scope and audience were included for non-client credentials OAuth
  • Fixed an issue where text in the Libraries menu was cutoff within a Retool workflow
  • Fixed an issue where the login logo aspect ratio was incorrect for white label apps
  • Fixed an issue where you could not create a new query when the selected query's resource no longer exists
  • Fixed block icons in Retool Workflows so they match the menu icons
  • Fixed misaligned text in the Retool Workflows Resource query block
  • Improved IDE performance when mousing over the canvas
  • Improved mobile camera experience on tablets
  • Improved the Inspector so that properties in the Add-ons, Validation Rules, and Style sections don't persist if they're added but not configured
  • Improved the styling for the Import from Query Library options for the Resource query block in Retool Workflows
  • Improved the UI for selecting access options when sharing an app