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Retool Cloud updates for 28 July 2023

New features and updates available on Retool Cloud this week.

  • Added additional autocomplete and linting scope for Table event handlers for the new code editor.
  • Added a Multiplayer Refresh Bar component.
  • Added selectNextRow and selectPreviousRow to the Table component.
  • Added support for embedding the Scanner component in screens for Retool Mobile.
  • Added support for panning using the middle mouse button on the Workflow canvas in all modes.
  • Added the onChangeSort event handler to the new Table component.
  • Fixed an issue where analytics queries were numbered incorrectly due to sharing a count with transformers.
  • Fixed an issue where Navigation components would not show app menu items when in a public app.
  • Fixed an issue where nonce was not getting replaced in the redirect URL in custom auth.
  • Fixed an issue where Table components would reset their selection state when re-mounted (for example, when in a Tabbed container).
  • Fixed an issue where the border radius style for List View components weren't applied correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the global navigation header wouldn't show an active state when on folders or views.
  • Fixed an issue where theme-based cell text colors weren't correctly applied to the new Table component.
  • Fixed HTTP error codes for requireApiParamsMiddleware.
  • Fixed useStickToBottom scroll functionality so that it only affects the innermost scroll bar.
  • Improved support for code evaluation with scope.