Basecamp 3 Integration

Connecting Basecamp to Retool

1. Add to Retool

Create a new resource in Retool, and select "Basecamp" as the type. Enter your Account SID and Auth Token.

Resources > Add > Basecamp

2. Authorize Retool

Add a label for your Basecamp resource and press "Save". Press "Edit" in the popup modal, and then click on the "Connect Basecamp" button that will now show beneath the "Label" field.

Press "Authorize" on the Retool OAuth window, and then "Yes, I'll allow access" on the Basecamp OAuth window.

You should be redirected back to your Basecamp resource page. Press "Save", and your Basecamp integration will be connected to Retool.

3. Create Queries

You can now select your newly-created Basecamp resource from the Resource dropdown when creating queries in your Retool apps.


Basecamp Account ID

You'll need to include your Basecamp Account ID as a parameter of each Basecamp query you make via Retool. You can find this in the URL when you're logged into Basecamp 3, immediately after It's a good idea to store your account ID in temporary state so that you don't have to hardcode it in multiple places.

The main Basecamp function currently supported by Retool is adding to-do items onto any of your Basecamp 3 to-do lists. Retool supports all the Basecamp 3 functions you need to:

  • Fetch a list of your Basecamp 3 projects
  • Fetch the to-do sets for your projects
  • Fetch the to-do lists for your to-do sets
  • Add new to-do items to to-do lists