Migrate from Cloud to Self-hosted

Learn how to migrate a Retool Cloud organization to a Self-hosted deployment.


This guide assumes you have not yet deployed Self-hosted Retool. If you already have an existing Self-hosted deployment into which you want to migrate from a Cloud organization, skip to step four.


Before you migrate from Cloud to Self-hosted, ensure you understand the following considerations:

  • The migration must be performed by a Retool admin in both organizations.
  • Self-hosted Retool needs to be deployed to your infrastructure. It must also meet the requirements for running Self-hosted Retool.
  • Additional resources are needed to use Retool Workflows in a Self-hosted deployment.
  • Queries in the Query Library cannot be migrated. You must manually recreate any shared queries.

1. Create a Self-hosted Retool organization

Sign up for Self-hosted Retool using the Self-hosted Portal. Retool creates a new Self-hosted Retool organization that you configure and use going forward.

The Self-hosted Portal Portal

2. Obtain your license key

Retool uses license keys to authorize Self-hosted deployments. Once you sign up for Self-hosted Retool, obtain the license key from the Self-hosted Portal.

3. Deploy Self-hosted Retool

You can deploy Self-hosted Retool to any infrastructure that meets the requirements. Refer to the Self-hosted Retool deployment guides to learn how to get up and running.

4. Create resources on the Self-hosted organization

Resources use sensitive information (API keys, tokens, etc.) and cannot be exported. You must manually create any resources that your Cloud organization currently uses.

As you configure each resource, make sure that you use the same settings and name used in the Cloud organization. This preserves functionality when migrating apps and workflows.

5. Export and import apps and workflows

Retool enables you to export apps and workflows as JSON. You can then import these into your Self-hosted organization. Exports include any queries and configuration options in use.

Apps and workflows can only be exported individually. To export an app or workflow, click the ••• button to open the contextual menu, then select Export and download.

To import an app or workflow in your Self-hosted organization, click Create new and select From JSON.

Import JSON

If any workflows use workflow triggers, you must update the webhook source to send events to your Self-hosted deployment.

7. Invite users to the Self-hosted organization

After completing the migration of apps and workflows, invite users to the Self-hosted organization. Retool strongly recommends you configure Single sign-on (SSO) and integrate your Self-hosted deployment with your SSO provider, rather than allowing users to register their email address and password.

8. Downgrade your Cloud organization

When you no longer need to continue using the Cloud organization, downgrade it to the Free plan. Navigate to the Billing settings and click Downgrade.