Network and Storage Requirements

Retool has a few specific ports that need to be opened when deployed on premise. If you firewall outbound traffic from your Retool instance, please permit traffic to:,, and This will allow the following Retool services to be reached.

License Checks

Retool connects via HTTPS to on port 443, at least daily, in order to verify that you are using a licensed version of Retool.

Inviting users

Retool connects to and on port 443 when inviting a user. We verify that the additional user is authorized under your current billing plan, and then send them the invite via email.

Usage Reporting

Retool sends application usage information to on port 443. This data helps us make product decisions by understanding how our users use our product. None of your data / metadata is sent. Only the following events are sent:

  • Page view (url of page)
  • Query save (type of query, name of query)
  • Component creation (type of component)
  • Query preview (type of query, name of query)
  • Adding a resource (type of resource, name of resource)

Events are sent with the hostname, and user email.

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