Network and storage requirements

When you self-host Retool, you need to open these ports:,, and This allows access to the following Retool services.

License checks

Retool uses HTTP to connect to on port 443 to verify your license. License checks are made at least once a day.

Inviting users

Retool connects to and on port 443 when inviting users. Retool verifies the users are authorized under your current billing plan, and then sends an invite to their email address.

Usage reporting

Retool sends application usage information to on port 443, which is used to inform product decisions. Only the following events are sent, none of which include your data.

  • Page views, along with the page URL.
  • Query saves, including the query name and type.
  • Component creation and the component type.
  • Query preview, including the query name and type.
  • Adding a resource, including the resource name and type.

Events are also sent with the hostname and the user's email address.

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