Retool v2.68 release notes

Event Handlers and Group Admins

Release v2.68.24 was published on June 15th, 2021. Release v2.68.18 of the 2.68 series was originally published on June 2nd, and we have updated the build since with minor patches.

Event Handlers

Think of a Retool event handler just like addEventListener in native JS or onChange in React. Before, components could only trigger a single query, and anything more advanced would require writing JavaScript. Now, you can configure components to trigger multiple queries, control other components, and call additional APIs in response to user interactions.

We’ve also greatly expanded the number of events available on components, and added new utils and component APIs. Anything you can do with Retool’s JavaScript API (e.g. query1.trigger(),, utils.showNotification(...)) you can now do with Event Handlers. Event Handlers will be rolled out to all customers over the next few weeks. To learn more, check out the docs.

Group Admins

Admins can now assign Group Admins to manage membership for any custom groups.

Previously, only Admins could manage membership for custom groups. Now, Admins can grant any number of group members the Group Admin privileges to add new users or remove existing users. Group Admins will be able to see all users within an org, but are not able to modify any aspect of their group beyond membership (e.g. app and resource permissions).

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug with the Redis resource not closing connections correctly
  • Added support for copy/pasting multiple components
  • Added autocomplete for native JavaScript functions in JavaScript queries
  • Added support for ES2020 features like nullish coalescing and optional chaining
  • Updated pasted components to use their original name
  • Improved performance of apps with a Table component
  • Added a setValue API to the Slider component
  • Added play, pause, and seekTo APIs to the Video component
  • Added a duration property to the Video component
  • Fixed inspector for the Calendar component
  • Fixed the size of the Modal button when disabled
  • Fixed event handlers on the S3 Uploader component
  • Fixed the default name for new S3 Uploader components
  • Fixed component positioning when pasting into containers
  • Fixed some folders not appearing in the "Add to folder" dropdown when creating a new app
  • Allow application releases to be unpublished, falling back to latest
  • Add environment variable to disable username / password authentication

Upgrade Guide

If you're upgrading from Retool v2.67.14, note that this release contains database migrations. Please make sure that the migrations run successfully.

If you're upgrading from a different, older version of Retool, please follow the Updating Retool On-Premise guide.

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