Learn how to build Retool apps for specific use cases with our tutorials.

These step-by-step tutorials walk you through some different types of Retool apps you can build. Each tutorial demonstrates a particular use case that you might find helpful as you build your own apps.

If you're new to Retool, we recommend you first check out our quickstart guide. These tutorials assume some familiarity with Retool but link to relevant documentation where needed.

Approve sign-upsReview and approve users.
Interact with AirtableInteract with Airtable using GraphQL or SQL.
Interact with Google SheetsInteract with data from Google Sheets.
Control functionality with feature flagsToggle functionality on a per-user basis with feature flagging.
Create a step-by-step interfaceBuild a guided series of steps with the Wizard component.
Create forms using the Form componentBuild a form using the Form component to create and update records.
Create forms using the JSON Schema Form componentBuild a form using the JSON Schema Form component to create and update records.
Insert CSVs into a databaseWrite a CSV file to a database.
Manage dog walkersManage dog walkers and text them if there is bad weather.
Share data between appsShare data between apps and create a multi-page experience.
Tag images for machine learningDraw bounding boxes around images and save them to the database.


Each tutorial includes the publication date the version of Retool available at the time. Some features and functionality may have changed since a tutorial was published.