Mobile Select

Select a value from a list.

A dropdown option field to select a value. Select supports custom value entries to allow values outside those provided. Options are displayed in a full-screen list box with search filter when there are more than 10 values.



Available properties for Mobile Select. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

allowCustomValue boolean

Whether to allow input values other than those specified in values.

allowDeselect boolean

Whether to allow item deselection.

customValidation string

A JavaScript conditional statement for custom validation logic. If customValidation evaluates to a string, validation fails and it is rendered as the the error message. An empty or nullish value is treated as valid input.

disabled boolean

Whether the component is disabled to prevent user interaction.

formDataKey string

When nested within a Form component, the key used to map default values from the form's initialData.

hideValidationMessage boolean

Whether to hide the error message if the input value is invalid.

id string

The name of the component.

invalid boolean

Whether the input value has failed validation.

label string

Text label for the input.

labelCaption string

The additional text to display with the label.

labelPosition 'top'

The position of the label relative to the input.

labels string[]

Array of labels for each item. The value of an item is returned if there is no label.

placeholder string

The text to display when no value is set.

pluginType string

The component type.

required boolean

Whether an input value is required.

validationMessage string

The message to be rendered when the input is invalid.

value (string │ number │ boolean │ null │ undefined)

The value of the component.

values (string │ number │ boolean │ null │ undefined)[]

An array of possible values.