Mobile Zebra DataWedge Reader

Capture data from Zebra Android devices with dedicated hardware.

A component to receive data captured by a Zebra Android device with dedicated hardware and sent using the Zebra DataWedge APIs. Refer to the Retool Mobile on Zebra devices guide for instructions.


Available properties for Mobile Zebra DataWedge Reader. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

buttonSize 'small' │ 'large'

Size of the component.

buttonText string

Size of the rendered text.

data object[]

Source data that is rendered by the component.

disabled boolean

Whether the component is disabled to prevent user interaction.

events Object[]

Event handlers for the component.

iconAfter IconKey

Icon to display after the primary content.

iconBefore IconKey

Icon to display before the primary content.

id string

Name of the component.

pluginType string

Component type.

width 'full' │ 'fixed'

Whether the component's width is full or fixed.