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Self-hosted Retool 2.116

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool 2.116. First released on April 20th, 2023.


August 16, 2023

  • Removed a dependency on a deprecated third party service for user avatars


  • Fixed an issue that might cause failures on start up


  • Fixed a folder permissions issue.


  • Context menus now appear above the query editor and not behind it when right clicking a component.


  • Fixed a security issue where backend images were susceptible to server side request forgery (SSRF).


May 23, 2023

  • Fixed the regression with using underlying AWS credentials. Now S3, Lambda, Dynamo DB & Athena will use the same underlying credentials as pre-2.111. Please use one of the following environment variable to opt-in to using standardized defaultProvider module for default credentials provider:


May 16, 2023

  • Fixed a bug with dense row heights in the legacy Table component


May 4, 2023

  • Fixed the connection string field on the JDBC connector to accept any options


May 2, 2023

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in intermittent 500 errors caused by ECONNRESET and socket hang ups when running queries


Released April 26, 2023

  • Fixed an error when trying to set a weak password during the reset password flow
  • Added an option to Retool Mobile’s Signature component to disable forced landscape mode on native devices.


Released April 20, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where protected resources with multiple environments could not be moved
  • Fixed issue where renaming protected apps causes the app to be unprotected for AWS Code Commit
  • Fixed a regression with Default Credential Provider for S3, Lambda and DynamoDB.
  • Added DBCONNECTOR_AWS_SKIP_DEFAULT_PROVIDER_DYNAMODB. Set this to true if you have problems with AWS authentication for DynamoDB on ECS
  • Added DBCONNECTOR_AWS_SKIP_DEFAULT_PROVIDER_LAMBDA. Set this to true if you have problems with AWS authentication for Lambda on ECS
  • Added DBCONNECTOR_AWS_SKIP_DEFAULT_PROVIDER_S3. Set this to true if you have problems with AWS authentication for S3 on ECS


  • Added a Databricks integration.
  • Added a generic JDBC connector for Self-hosted Retool.
  • Added an improved version of the Slack integration.
  • Added support for NO_PROXY to RestAPI and GraphQL requests.
  • Added support for OpenAPI specs that require Basic authentication.
  • Added the ability to select components directly from hover tooltips in the query editor.
  • Added an option to persist search terms in the MultiSelect component.
  • Fixed an issue where Digest authorization header creation may not include the opaque value.
  • Fixed an issue where Inspector dropdown menus may not filter correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where linting errors would incorrectly show on the await keyword.
  • Fixed an issue where module queries may incorrectly appear for modules that don't contain queries.
  • Fixed an issue where Multiselect and Multiselect Listbox components included undefined in value when options were dynamically removed.
  • Fixed an issue where parentWindow queries may not run correctly when using the latest runtime.
  • Fixed an issue where Retool Database schemas were unnecessarily refetched.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO login on Retool Mobile would show an error when switching between apps on Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chart component may render incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Data Source dropdown menu would not render correctly if there were queries with long names.
  • Fixed an issue where the Table component may incorrectly show a Downgrade option.
  • Fixed an ssue where non-admin users may not be able to create a foreign key column in Retool Database tables.
  • Fixed Cmd+L keyboard shortcut to format code in Retool Workflows.
  • Improved behavior of tooltips in the App editor
  • Improved error reporting in custom authentication.
  • Improved error reporting in List View components in the latest runtime.
  • Improved spacing and styling of the JavaScript query code editor.
  • Improved the Elasticsearch integration.
  • Improved the Form generator modal to open documentation in new tab.
  • Improved the interface of the Retool Database resource page.
  • Improved the layout of the Slack block in Retool Workflows.
  • Improved the load time of the Workflows home page.
  • Improved the scroll behavior of Code blocks in Retool Workflows.