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Self-hosted Retool 2.76

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool v2.76. First released on November 10, 2021.


Oct 4, 2021

  • We've overhauled Editable Text and added a new Editable Number. Like all of our new inputs, these offer brand new configuration options, built-in and custom validation rules, and expanded style editor support. These components were also built with accessibility and data density in mind.
  • The Editable inputs display static text that can be edited on click. In edit mode, Editable Text has all the same powerful, new functionality of our Text Input component, including: configurable prefix/suffix text, a prefix/suffix icon, read only mode, and more. In addition, Editable Number supports the functionality of the Number Input component, including currency support, percentage formatting, and control over decimal places and padding zeros.
  • All keyboard inputs like Text Input, Number Input, Editable Text and Number, Currency, and more. You can now optionally configure a tooltip that is visible below the input only on focus:
  • Like the regular tooltip, helper text supports GitHub flavored markdown.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut duplicate a component on the canvas
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to show a list of all of the other built-in editor shortcuts
  • Added a "Hide submit button" option to the JSON Schema Form component
  • Fixed vertical alignment of multiline labels on the Checkbox and Switch components
  • Added a "Row Select Change" event handler for the Table component
  • Adjusted default hover and active colors for Button
  • Fixed automatic text color for components inside of the Header frame
  • Updated read-only input components to hide the optional clear button
  • Simplified the empty state for Container components
  • Fixed a delay with updates to dynamic height components
  • Removed an incorrect error message when selecting components in the same container
  • Fixed an edge case where Text components could be rendered at the wrong height
  • Added support for freezing action button columns to the left or right of the Table component
  • Added the ability to add the currently viewed folder to your favorites list
  • Fixed focus, hover, and disabled styles for the clear button on input components
  • null
  • Fixed rendering of short Listbox components with labels
  • lastReceivedFromResourceAt
  • Added the current page index and total number of rows to the footer of the Table component
  • Fixed label width default to be 40% instead of 33%
  • Added a new option, "show top bar," to IFrame which allows you to optionally show a customizable title, and adds two actions: refresh and open in a new tab
  • Fixed Listbox and Multiselect Listbox rendering with duplicate values
  • Added autofill for app names when importing an app
  • Improved the component search experience by autofocusing the search field when opening the Insert pane
  • Improved the loading state for the Table component
  • Fixed an edge case where renaming a component didn't rename references to the component
  • Added workspaces, audit logs, and data editor to the "powered by Retool" menu
  • Updated AWS assume role help text to display the correct backend name
  • Enforced a database constraint for analytics integrations to prevent an invalid database state.
  • Fixed tree construction algorithm for Source Control resulting in reduced and accurate merge conflicts
  • Fixed an issue preventing custom columns in a table in a module from rendering
  • Fixed hiding RETOOL_EXPOSED environment variables in REST API query headers