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Self-hosted Retool 2.77

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool v2.77. First released on October 14, 2021.


Oct 14, 2021

  • The Table component is now scrollable! Scrollable tables are a great way to allow your users to quickly explore data.
  • To try it out, select the new "Scroll" option in the Table component inspector. "Scroll" supports all of the Table component's "Pagination" options (e.g. server-side pagination) out of the box. To learn more about working with Tables in Retool, check out our documentation.
  • We'll be shipping other highly requested Table features and bug fixes in the coming months. Visit our community forum to make a new request or add your support for existing ones.
  • The new Avatar and Avatar Group components allow you to easily represent users in your app.
  • {{ current_user.profilePhotoUrl }}
  • Avatar Group displays several avatars together. Configure the maximum number of avatars to display, and the last avatar will display "+N" when there are more. Like our new input components, these also offer expanded style editor support.
  • Fixed automatic text color when the canvas has a dark background
  • Fixed the JIRA resource so that it automatically refreshes its token
  • Improved CSV parsing capabilities for File Input components
  • Fixed the minimum height setting for components
  • Fixed "Run when manually triggered" GraphQL queries that were incorrectly switching back to "Run when inputs change"
  • Improved the experience of creating a new folder, switching your context to the newly created folder
  • Added support for multi-line text in Buttons
  • searchTerm
  • Fixed some cases where code was not autocompleted in the right order. For example, when searching for "next", hasNext would show up before next.
  • Improved validation to skip disabled, readOnly, and hidden components
  • Fixed tree construction for Source Control resulting in appropriate merge conflicts
  • Fixed hiding RETOOL_EXPOSED environment variables in REST API query headers
  • Fixed an issue preventing custom columns in a table in a module from rendering
  • Fixed issue with Analytics instrumentation triggers in editor and preview mode for non-public apps
  • pgbouncer