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Self-hosted Retool 2.78

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool v2.78. First released on October 27, 2021.


Dec 3, 2021

  • We've overhauled two of our most popular components: Select and Multiselect. Like our new Input components, they have powerful new functionality including:
  • Expanded style editor support
  • Control over label position, alignment, and wrapping
  • More robust validation (e.g. min/max items for Multiselect)
  • Support for adding text and icons in the prefix and suffix
  • An optional tooltip with GitHub flavored markdown
  • Both components support full keyboard accessibility. For example, you can now use arrow keys to move between individual selected items. These components also have tons of new configuration options including:
  • Overlay height: set the maximum height of the dropdown
  • Combobox mode: set whether or not the component has an input field to support searching by text
  • Selection indicator: control whether the dropdown should show a checkmark on the selected item(s)
  • Empty state: set a message to display when the component has no options provided or when no options match the search term
  • Disabled: provide an array of values that should be rendered disabled or disable the entire component
  • Fixed "body query type" for REST APIs with custom authentication
  • Fixed label wrapping for Checkbox Group, Radio Group, and Switch Group components
  • Added the ability to customize the appearance of the Retool user menu on a per-app basis
  • recordUpdates
  • Fixed the Calendar component so that custom event properties are not lost when events are modified
  • Added support for sharing JIRA resource credentials between users
  • Added an option to configure text size in Editable Text and Editable Number components
  • Fixed default text color when the canvas has a dark background
  • Fixes CSRF token validation issue
  • Fixed hiding RETOOL_EXPOSED environment variables in REST API query headers