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Self-hosted Retool 2.79

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool v2.79. First released on November 10, 2021.


Dec 3, 2021

  • You can now view, edit, and create new resources without leaving your Retool app!
  • To create a new resource, select the "create a new resource" option from the top of the resource dropdown in any query. You can configure a connection and immediately query any of our 40+ supported database and API types, including Postgres, MongoDB, and any REST API or GraphQL.
  • To view or edit a resource configuration, click the "edit resource" button from the selected resource in your query. For example, you can view the name of the default bucket of an S3 resource, add staging credentials to a Postgres database, or add a new header to your GraphQL resource—all without leaving your app! Any changes to the resource persist across all Retool apps in your current environment.
  • We're rolling out this new functionality this week. Share any feedback or suggestions for new resource types in our community forum!
  • We overhauled our Statistic component! Previously, you could only set a single primary value, and we supported limited formatting options. Now, you can also set a secondary value to compare metrics over different time periods (e.g., to show monthly revenue growth). Additionally, the primary and secondary values have the same powerful customization options as our Number Input component, including currency and percent formatting, decimal place control, and more. The new Statistic component supports more features, including the ability to dynamically control positive and negative trend color, set a caption text, control alignment, and more.
  • Like all of our new components, the Statistic component also has expanded style editor support. You can automatically migrate your old Statistic components to this new version, too! As always, post in our community forum if you have feedback on this new component or feature requests.
  • We now offer over 3,000 searchable icons with support for bold and outline styles. You'll have access to this library anywhere where you can set an icon in Retool. To use any of our old icons, choose the deprecated icon set.
  • Fixed public apps in Incognito mode for Chrome
  • Fixed automatic SQL formatting, which was incorrectly adding additional spaces
  • Fixed the "body query type" toggle for REST API's with custom auth
  • Fixed Image component layout in Firefox
  • Improved performance on page load
  • Fixed Deprecated components inside modules so that they are no longer upgradable inside parent apps
  • Fixed "Reload queries" and resource custom auth so that they do not invalidate Module outputs
  • Fixed label wrapping for Checkbox Group, Radio Group, and Switch Group
  • Fixed how default properties are transferred when switching between certain components
  • SCIM API now accepts emails with uppercase letters
  • Fixed hiding RETOOL_EXPOSED environment variables in REST API query headers
  • Fixed CSRF token validation issue.
  • Fixed an issue with JBDC connections in pools
  • Fixed an issue to allow for text selection for readonly editable targets