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Self-hosted Retool 2.123

Release notes for Self-hosted Retool 2.123. First released on June 15th, 2023.


We have brought our fastest performance runtime to Self-hosted Retool 2.123 - some apps have improved load times by as much as 75%. You will be able to opt in your whole organization from advanced settings or opt in individual apps in the editor mode. This will be the last version where the legacy runtime will be supported, as performance runtime will be the only option in the next version.


  • Added support for GCM encryption (using the USE_GCM_ENCRYPTION environment variable) for Workflows.


August 16, 2023

  • Removed a dependency on a deprecated third party service for user avatars


  • Upgraded OpenAPI spec parsing library
  • Improved GraphQL error messaging


  • Fixed error with parsing OpenAPI schemas.


  • Fixed an issue with Workflows and DISABLE_FORWARDABLE_COOKIE_DECODING setting


  • Fixed an issue with BigQuery auth


  • Fixed an issue with GRPC queries


  • Fixed an issue with airgapped license keys


  • Fixed an issue with workflows
  • Fixed an issue with certificates


  • Fixed an issue with workflow worker creation


  • Fixed an issue with tests in performance runtime


  • Fixed an issue with renaming modules


  • Fixed an issue with BigQuery resource validation


  • Fixed an issue with event handler saves
  • Fixed an issue with row visibility when using dynamic expressions


  • Added a control for enabling case sensitive filtering in the Table component, defaulting to case insensitive matching
  • Added a link to the REST API resource page from the resource catalog when there are no search results
  • Added a maximum session length of 30 days for Retool Embed.
  • Added a new Stripe API version, which includes the Payment Links endpoint
  • Added Apps and Workflows options to the Retool logo menu
  • Added a Python custom libraries UI with global importing and language server support to Retool Workflows.
  • Added a Retool Workflows callout and the option to run a workflow to the query editor
  • Added a schema explorer for gRPC resources.
  • Added debugging details for full and partial syncs to the Source Control dashboard
  • Added dynamic icons to the Table component.
  • Added the option to use the new runtime for Retool apps.
  • Added error handling support to query editor AI.
  • Added evaluation highlighting for evaluation template strings
  • Added inline validation to resource settings.
  • Added JavaScript support to query editor AI
  • Added linting to the template string code editors
  • Added Markdown syntax highlighting to the Text component
  • Added query caching on public apps.
  • Added streaming support for Cassandra resources.
  • Added support for gRPC binary metadata
  • Added support for pypdf custom library
  • Added the ability to disable Retool Embed users from the permissions page.
  • Added the ability to edit Icon and Label properties to Toolbar buttons
  • Added the ability to run Retool Workflows queries on Retool Mobile.
  • Added the ability to select multiple services for gRPC queries
  • Added the JDBC resource to Retool Cloud
  • Added the llama_index library to Retool Workflows.
  • Added the option to disable prepared statements for Databricks resources.
  • add log details to distinguish full/partial syncs
  • Clarifies embed users in user permissions page
  • Clarify Retool instance URL in failed source control deployment emails
  • Delete public apps when an organization is archived
  • Fixed an error when editing JavaScript queries related to the case sensitivity of identifiers
  • Fixed an issue where an application's header flashed when an organization had users redirecting to workspaces
  • Fixed an issue where context menus for self-hosted releases were displayed behind the query editor
  • Fixed an issue where disabled resource configuration settings appeared to be enabled
  • Fixed an issue where editable tag cells in the Table component were incorrectly highlighted
  • Fixed an issue where padding around action buttons in the legacy Table component caused rows to extend past their usual height
  • Fixed an issue where passing an integer to externalIdentifier for Retool Embed would cause a server error.
  • Fixed an issue where some components threw an error when adding them to the canvas
  • Fixed an issue where Table toolbar styling would not match the Table styling.
  • Fixed an issue where template strings were incorrectly highlighted before they were evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Icon component would remain in an error state if given an invalid name
  • Fixed an issue where the Table component would sometimes crash when using the Tag dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the table location would jump after refetching a Retool Database table
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't capitalize table names
  • Fixed an issue with caption alignment in the Table component.
  • Fixed an issue with Markdown syntax highlighting when using templated strings.
  • Fixed an issue with push notification delivery on Android with Retool Mobile.
  • Improved autolayout functionality in Retool Workflows
  • Improved gating on Query Library and Home pages to prevent access by users without permissions. Previously, they could not access the contents, but they could see the page.
  • Improved GraphQL formatting by using Prettier, which also prevents comments from being removed when reformatting
  • Improved Password Reset Form
  • Improved some resource templates and correctly capitalized some resource names
  • Improved the pop-out code editor layout
  • Improved the styling of the Retool logo, header, and tags.
  • Improved URL hash behavior so that hashes persist when switching between edit and preview modes
  • Query editor filtered state icon has been updated to match the non-filtered state icon
  • Reload GRPC proto files when proto directory contents are changed.
  • Removed the ability to trigger some keyboard shortcuts within input components, as some keys are reserved for text formatting.