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White-labeled customer portals with Retool Portals

Available on:Business planEnterprise plan

Retool Portals lets you whitelabel the Retool experience so that your end users–be it customers, vendors, or partners–don't know they're using Retool. This means Retool manages everything from user email invitations, to signup, permissions, the app experience, and more. You can also upload your logo and customize the look and feel of Retool to match your company brand.

Use cases

Companies use Retool Portals when they need to build dedicated applications which require authentication and user management. They leverage Retool's out-of-the-box login, permissions, and user management to manage the user experience.

Companies who need full-stack, authenticated applications for their external users are great fits for Retool Portals. Often customers build internal apps (like bulk CSV uploads, customer onboarding flows, revenue dashboards, and more) and want to expose them to external users.

In a whitelabeled Retool Portal, you can invite your external users directly into your organization to access these apps.

Retool Portals works with both Cloud and Self-hosted Retool.


An external user is priced at the same rate as an end user on the Team and Business plans. However, usage for external use cases varies and the default pricing might not work for everyone. If you're pre-product or have hundreds of thousands of users, talk to our team to learn more.