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Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added instanceView as an exposed property in the List View component.


  • Fixed an interaction with collapse empty rows that would not work in repeated containers within the List View component.
  • Fixed components that use ChevronScrollable that would not scroll correctly.
  • Fixed positioning of Modal.


  • URL query parameters retain their original sorting and no longer sorted alphabetically.

Phone Number Input component

The Phone Number Input component for web apps is now available. It automatically formats phone numbers, includes a country selector with international dialing code, and can perform validation based on the selected country. The default country is derived from the user's IP address.


  • Added LDAP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE and LDAP_SERVER_KEY to the list of all secret environment variables that can be loaded from the file system with RETOOL_LOAD_FILE_SECRETS.
  • Added expandable table rows rerpesentation in Toolscript.
  • Added keyboard navigation to the Table component summary row.
  • Added support for Google Cloud Provider Secrets Manager.
  • Added padding controls to Drawer and Modal frames.
  • Added a GUI Mode toggle to Firebase queries.
  • Added a color option to label captions.
  • Added support for public apps to Retool Storage.
  • Add the Add component option to the contextual menu of the canvas.
  • Added an option to hover over and copy text from cell tooltips in the Table component.


  • Fixed missing users from the All Users group.
  • Fixed GitHub commit actions in Source Control.
  • Fixed the height of Select components without a placeholder and when search is disabled.
  • Fixed style menu swatches to match parent container nested styles.
  • Fixed nested styles with theme references.
  • Fixed code editor performance when using nameless resources.
  • Fixed a performance issue when typing quickly in a Styles editor.
  • Fixed the default height of components when dragged to the canvas.
  • Fixed style editor values resetting unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where data updates to the Table component in multi-row selection mode would not update selectedSourceRows.
  • Fixed an issue with the Table component's cell tooltip editor.
  • Fixed resource permissions.


  • Improved date parsing to support second-based unix timestamps.


  • Upgrade Node version to 18.18.2.
  • Disabled Storage and cookies option for custom components by default. This can be re-enabled by setting the ALLOW_SAME_ORIGIN_OPTION environment variable.


  • Removed user list from api/user response if user does not have access.