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You can now set private or public access for files uploaded to Retool Storage. Each file in your Retool organization has a public URL that you can enable by making the file public.

Files uploaded to Retool Storage are private by default, and you can switch between private or public access at any time. When uploading files with a Retool Storage resource query, you can enable Make file public on upload to automatically make them public.

We're continuing to make performance improvements after recently upgrading to React 18. Update batching groups state updates together, rather than perform each one separately, to optimize performance. This results in a more responsive experience in Retool and faster page load times.

The Image column type for the Table component now supports image uploads directly to Retool Storage. Enable Allow uploading images to allow users to upload and replace images to Retool Storage.

Self-hosted organizations on the Enterprise plan can create multiple, isolated organizations on a single Retool instance with Spaces.

Prior to Spaces, you needed to spin up an additional deployment to onboard an independent team with its own apps, resources, and software development cycle (SDLC). Now, on the same instance, you can create a Space with its own subdomain, SSO configuration, Source Control setup, and more.