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The Retool Mobile app

Learn about the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Retool Mobile eliminates the need for compiling apps, complex distribution, and store listings with lengthy reviews. Instead of separate apps, you use a single app—Retool Mobile for iOS and Android—to browse and run apps natively. Retool Mobile apps also function as progressive web apps.

This approach simplifies deployment and makes all Retool Mobile apps instantly available. You can share links to apps so users can launch them on their device, or open them in a browser.

Browse and launch apps

How the Retool Mobile app works

The Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android uses React Native to run mobile apps natively. Users can log in to their Retool organization, browse or search for mobile apps, and launch them on their mobile device.

Device support

Retool Mobile apps are currently supported on iOS 13+ and Android 5.0 (API level 21). Some Retool functionality may be unavailable due to restrictions or limitations when run natively.

You can share links to mobile apps with users that launch automatically in the Retool Mobile app. If a user doesn't have the app installed, they are routed to the Apple App Store or Google Play. Users can enable the Start on most recent app option to launch the last app in use whenever opening the Retool Mobile app.

Mobile apps on the web

You can also launch Retool Mobile apps as progressive web apps (PWA). This makes it possible to use Retool Mobile apps on a wide range of devices that are unable to use the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android (e.g., Amazon Fire tablets).