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Resources environment variables

Resources environment variables available for use with Self-hosted Retool deployments.


Allow editors to configure custom authentication steps for resources that make REST API calls directly from the browser. If true, these requests include all browser credentials, even cross-origin calls.



Encrypts data stored in the PostgreSQL database (e.g., database credentials, SSH keys, etc).

Make sure to keep track of this key in a location outside of your Retool instance(s). If you change this key, you will lose access to all resources that were created before the change.



Use the AES-192-GCM authenticated encryption method. If unset, default encryption of AES-192-CBC is used.

If USE_GCM_ENCRYPTION is in use, ENCRYPTION_KEY must be 24 characters in length. If you change this setting, you will lose access to all resources encrypted using the other algorithm.