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Send emails with Retool Email

Learn how to send emails using Retool Email.

Retool Email is available on Retool Cloud as a preconfigured resource to send emails from apps and workflows.

Availability and limits

Organizations on paid plans can send up to 120 emails per hour. Organizations on the Free plan can send up to 50 emails per day.

There is a send up to 120 emails per hour. Users on the Free plan can send up to 50 emails per day.

You can monitor your usage from the Usage tab.

1. Create an app

If you haven't created an app yet, log in to Retool and click Create new -> App. Name the app and then click Create app.

2. Add a Form component

Drag a Form component to the canvas, then click Add components. Select Email from the list to add an email field to the form.

3. Create a query

Create a resource query and select Retool Email as the resource. Set the To field to {{email1.value}} so that the email is sent to the address provided in the Email component. Then, fill out the subject and body. You can optionally use Retool's AI feature to draft the body content. Make sure to save the query.

4. Add an event handler

To send the email, you need to add an event handler to the Submit button. Select the button and then click + in the Event handlers section of the Inspector. The default settings should run the query you created, but make sure that:

  • Event is set to Submit.
  • Action is set to Control query.
  • Query is set to the query you created.

5. Test the form

To test the form, enter a valid email address and click the Submit button. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder.