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Ask AI and quick actions

Learn about Retool's built-in AI assistance.

Retool can help you build apps and workflows faster with built-in AI functionality:

  • Ask AI: Write, edit, and fix queries.
  • Quick actions: Automatically build user interfaces with multiple components connected together.

Ask AI

Ask AI keyboard shortcut

Use when editing a query to access Ask AI.

You can instruct Ask AI to perform a number of actions with JavaScript, SQL, and GraphQL queries:

  • Generate: Write a new query using natural language instructions.
  • Edit: Edit an existing query using natural language instructions.
  • Explain: Add comments to explain what each part of a query does.
  • Fix: Identify and fix errors in an existing query.

Since Retool is aware of your data schema, and components (for apps) or blocks (for workflows), Ask AI queries ensure correct references, such as database schema.

AI query accuracy

AI is not infallible. To help mitigate problems from incorrect queries, Ask AI presents the results for you to accept or reject. If Ask AI modifies an existing query, a comparison is also included.

You should review all changes before accepting or rejecting AI queries. Retool cannot guarantee that queries are always accurate, nor that they would not result in a destructive action (e.g., deletion or incorrect changes). It's ultimately your responsibility to evaluate Ask AI queries before running them.

Data sharing

Ask AI is powered by OpenAI GPT models. Retool does not share referenced data nor the results of any AI-generated query with AI partners. Retool does share metadata, including database schema, so that Ask AI can function effectively. You should not use Ask AI if this metadata is sensitive and must remain confidential.

Quick actions

Quick actions appear whenever you add certain UI components that commonly require multiple steps to implement. For example, if you add a Table component, you would be presented with quick actions for connecting a data source, adding a search filter, or creating a form to edit table data.

Click to access quick actions for a component whenever they are available.