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Web app tutorial

This tutorial is an interactive course to learn about Retool. Each lesson covers the core concepts of Retool and guides you through the steps to build a simple user management app.


Familiarity with common technologies like APIs, SQL, and JavaScript is expected to complete this course. If you need to learn more about these technologies, try the following online learning resources:

What you'll learn

After completing this tutorial, you'll gain the necessary knowledge to:

  • Connect your data sources as resources.
  • Assemble user interfaces using drag-and-drop components.
  • Query resources to interact with data.
  • Connect queries and components to manipulate data.
  • Extend your app's functionality with JavaScript queries and transformers.

These terms and concepts may not be familiar but you'll learn about them as you work through the tutorial. As you complete each lesson, you can track your progress and test your knowledge using the widget at the bottom of the page.

What you'll build

You will build a web app that allows you to perform common user management actions. These actions include editing user information, like name and email addresses, and blocking and unblocking users.

Try out the demo to see a Retool app in action.

Get started

To get started, log in or sign up to Retool.

If you're signing up to Retool for the first time, you also create an organization. Every Retool user account is bound to an organization. When you sign up and create a new organization, you immediately become its administrator.