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Retool 2.101

New features

  • Calendar Input component: Select a specific date, with support to select a month and year using the header.

  • Resize to fit: Added a "Resize to fit" action to fixed height containers that will adjust the container's height to fit its content. This action can be taken from the right-click context menu, by double clicking on the bottom rail of the component bounding box, or with the keyboard shortcut "Cmd+Option+Shift+r" (Mac) or "Ctrl+Option+Shift+r" (Windows and Linux).

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue for Single Tag columns in Tables where option label would not render when option value was also set
  • Fixed an issue where Browse Apps wouldn't appear in the Retool pill
  • Fixed the Postgres resource to support providing a CA certificate without setting a client key
  • Fixed the docs link in OAuth 2.0 helper text on resource configuration page
  • Fixed a bug where the onboarding CTA was showing up after the tutorial is completed
  • Removed requirement for a resource to be in edited in order to test connection on configuration page
  • Improved the editor canvas to be a consistent color when zoomed out
  • Improved default custom component logic
  • Added the ability to copy parts of the text within Table cells instead of the entire cell