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Retool 2.102.2

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for SSH for MySQL Resources with Dynamic Overrides
  • Improved styling of the editor
  • Fixed a bug where HTML cells in Table with overflow would not properly wrap
  • Improved hover states on the Retool org homepage
  • Fixed renaming in the code sidebar to prevent collisions
  • Added automatic opening of code folders whose children become selected
  • Added functionality to import from connection strings for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed a few issues with Table's selectedCell property: selectedCell is now correct when rows are sorted, selectedCell will no longer double-update, only one selected cell will be displayed at a time
  • Fixed panel resizeability when left and bottom panels are closed
  • Added component icons to the right-panel inspector header
  • Fixed a bug causing number string form data keys to generate array form data
  • Updated the default option order for a control component for a modal
  • Fixed default folder name from 'untitledfolder#' to 'folder_#'
  • Fixed an issue where components may have been visually omitted from the Explorer
  • Fixed a bug where Table's empty message would break Table when set to an object
  • Removed the number of errors from Debug Tools in the status bar
  • Added ability to use certain editor/presentation shortcuts while an input field is active
  • Fixed a bug where apps using a BigQuery resource configured with Service Account authentication would prompt users to authenticate