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Retool 2.103

Fixes and improvements

  • Deprecated Single Tag and Multiple Tags custom columns. To add a custom Tag column, use a Transformer to add an extra column to the Table’s dataset and configure it to be a Tag column. Existing custom tag columns will maintain their functionality.
  • Added auto-selection of the new temporary state when duplicating
  • Fixed temporary state duplication from opening the inspector panel
  • Fixed JS query auto-indexing when used in a module
  • Fixed a bug where server-side paginated scrolling tables failed to fetch subsequent pages
  • Updated JavaScript transformers to show linting suggestions just like JavaScript queries
  • Added a Duplicate action within the context menu for temporary states
  • Fixed a bug where Test Connection would fail for GraphQL resources passing current_user in the header
  • Updated the eval popover text in the null and undefined cases
  • Fixed an issue where viewers without edit permissions would see an unnecessary blank space on the top of their apps
  • Unified query sidebar design between the bottom panel and the bottom half of the Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with Table action buttons overflowing and covering adjacent columns
  • Removed the checkbox for assuming IAM roles on the Athena resource
  • Added support for {{current_user}} scope to the Presto resource configuration