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Retool 2.106

Fixes and improvements

  • Added a .refresh() API to Table to imperatively refresh the backing query
  • Fixed a bug where the Mongo query editor would show a metadata error if resource does not have access to all collections in schema
  • Added option to pass an ARN when using AWS v4 authentication method
  • Added support for {{current_user}} to the database options input on the resource configuration page
  • Fixed the width of inputs with overflowing text in the right-panel
  • Fixed an issue where current_user was evaluated client side for query library queries
  • Unified the version number displayed in the editor Header and Status Bar
  • Updated the Hubspot integration to use Private App Tokens instead of API keys, which have been deprecated
  • Added support for release management in Modules
  • Fixed tooltips not appearing when input components are disabled
  • Updated the schema browser to only return the first 1000 tables, sorted alphabetically
  • Added support for event handlers to HTML component
  • Fixed several visual issues with the Retool user menu
  • Added overlayMinWidth property for Dropdown Button, MultiSelect, Select, and Split Button
  • Updated the empty state UI for Select and Listbox components