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Retool 2.106.1

New components

  • Color Input: Select a specific color using the color picker or type in a color using its HEX/RGB value.

  • QR Code: Create a scannable QR code from strings like phone numbers, emails, and URLs.

  • Link Card: Use a full card as a link, and control interactions on mouseover.

Fixes and improvements

  • Allowed both item & i to be present for the "Run script" event handler

  • Improved tooltips for long app names in the right-panel for the Navigation component

  • Added a default app name when duplicating an app

  • Updated the resource auth logic to automatically refresh auth for custom auth resources on page load

  • Fixed the app description to automatically update on change

  • Added the ability to import from connection string for MongoDB

  • Improved padding of confirmation modals

  • Allowed tooltips to trigger on disabled components

  • Updated the MongoDB resource configuration UI to have separate fields for Client Certificate and Client Key

  • Added a border to the component search bar when the widget picker is scrolled