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Retool 2.107.1

Fixes and improvements

  • Added the ability to resize the left "Code" panel

  • Fixed tooltips in Debug Tools for enums

  • Updated the HTML component so event handlers can be attached to elements within the component

  • Improved the styling of the Branding header when viewing applications

  • Fixed Debug Tools to focus on the State of the currently selected component when first opened

  • Fixed formatting for SQL queries with ternaries

  • Added a timeframe customization option for the list view in the Calendar component

  • Improved Autocomplete fields in the right panel to only surface in code blocks

  • Improved the styling of the Retool user menu when rendered in the Sidebar

  • Updated the UI for SSL options on the resource configuration form

  • Added support for certificates and verification mode to AlloyDB resource

  • Added support for hint to MongoDB's find operation

  • Fixed issue where users were unable to connect to Hubspot using OAuth authentication

  • Removed support for GET and PUT commands with our Snowflake resource

  • Fixed link to double cookie submit documentation on the REST API resource configuration form

  • Updated the Postgres connection options tooltip to open links in a new tab

  • Updated the resource dropdown in the query editor to show 'Create a new resource' when user is searching