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Retool 2.108

New components

  • Breadcrumb Navigation: Show users how the page they are on is categorized or the path the user took to find it.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved overall UI for clearer tabs design, less cluttered global navigation, lighter borders and keylines to allow the UI to breath, clearer section headings, clearer hierarchy between sections and elements, general fit-and-finish improvements across the app

  • Fixed a case where the Sidebar would not render in small widths

  • Fixed the Table "Actions" column so it hides when the Table has no data

  • Fixed a crash when linking to a container from a Steps or Tab component in an app with a Table and no other Containers

  • Added the scrollIntoView API to all components

  • Updated the frontend UI for SSL/TLS configuration to be consistent across resources

  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript queries were created instead of resource queries after a JavaScript query is selected

  • Added option for users to add root authority and client cert and key when configuring a REST API resource to use TLS

  • Improved error message when you try to create a resource with a name that already exists.

  • Fixed an issue where icons in dynamic mode may fail to load

  • Removed SSL host option from Postgres resource configuration

  • Added the ability to customize an app's maximum width via App Settings