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Retool 2.111

Fixes and improvements

  • Added the selection property and setSelection() to the Rich Text Editor component.

  • Added environment URL parameter to specify the environment in Retool Embed apps.

  • Fixed an issue where Date Time-formatted columns in the Table component would not correctly sort if any cells contained null values.

  • Fixed an issue where TLS certificates for resources would not upload if using a Windows computer.

  • Fixed an issue where MongoDB connection strings would be incorrectly parsed if it contained a TLS option.

  • Fixed an issue where an app would unintentionally scroll if typing into input components within the Header frame.

  • Fixed an issue where publicly shared apps would ignore the specified maximum width and render at 100% width under certain conditions.

  • Fixed an issue where the resource schema would not refresh correctly when changing the environment.

  • Fixed an issue where the Asana resource settings contained a broken link.

  • Fixed an issue where the toggle to enable a workflow would not function correctly in Retool Workflows.

  • Fixed an issue where the Query Library would not correctly display if a query contained JavaScript variables.

  • Improved resource settings to hide token status if the resource uses Shared OAuth.

  • Improved the Schema Explorer to display namespaced table schemas for MySQL resources.