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Retool 2.112

  • Added API version selection to Twilio resources.
  • Added Gitlab configuration options to Source Control settings.
  • Added interactive state to the Query Library status bar.
  • Fixed an issue where a Retool app could not be downloaded using the Showcase share option.
  • Fixed an issue where linting errors in code editors would appear blue on hover.
  • Fixed an issue where MongoDB schemas in the Query Library would not load correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where panning a workflow in the Retool Workflows editor would not behave as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where Query blocks in Retool Workflows may not list all available resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the Table component would incorrectly sort numbers if cells contained only zero and negative values.
  • Improved error reporting when writing JavaScript code.
  • Improved support for parameters when editing JSON in queries.
  • Improved the Navigation component to include a logo by default.
  • Improved the Share options for Retool apps.