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Retool 2.27.2

JSON Editor

  • New component: a component for editing arbitrary JSON blobs of data
  • Auto-formats your JSON as you edit it
  • Auto-validates your JSON Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.33.48 PM.png


  • Added more documentation to make connecting Retool to Salesforce easy.
  • The buttons for creating transformers and temporary state have been reorganized.
  • SQL queries automatically switch between running whenever parameters to change to being manually triggered depending on whether the query is a read only query or not.
  • HTML links in Retool (<a> elements) can now open links in a new tab
    • <a> tags now support the target attribute.
    • <a href="" target="_blank"> Google </a> will render a link that opens Google in a new page
    • Retool will also automatically add the rel="noopener noreferer attribute to protect your privacy and security to all links that open pages in new tabs.


  • The top edge of the Component Properties popup is now also draggable.
  • The free plan now correctly allows up to ten queries per page
  • Components inside of ListViews should behave more predictably