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Retool 2.28.5

HTTP / GraphQL Authentication

  • Retool supports forwarding arbitrary number of authentication cookies
  • Retool supports custom multi-step authentication flows
    • Google OAuth Step - login via Google and obtain an access token
    • API Request step - make an API request (e.g. exchange an Google access token for an authorization token)
    • More coming soon.
  • Example: First sign in via Google, pass the access token to a login endpoint which sets an authorization cookie that should be present in all future requests


  • Multi-selection on the canvas auto-terminates once the mouse leaves the canvas
  • The screen where the list of supported datasources has been refactored to support searching
  • Rename "Run" -> "Preview" in the Query Editor to make it clearer that it's still necessary to save the query to have it's changes appear in the app.
  • Add an option to choose the default column to sort a Table by
  • Added documentation on how to use
  • JSON Request payload logging: Retool now also logs the final request generated by an HTTP query in the audit logs. Fields like the Authorization header and fields with the name password are automatically sanitized, and blacklisted parameters are also respected.


  • When a dependency cycle exists between a query and a component exists, Retool will now notify you that a dependency cycle exists and ask you to correct it. Retool apps should no longer break when a dependency cycle is accidentally added.
  • Error previews in editors now no longer truncate the error if it's too long.
  • Previewing SQL queries with long column names correctly render in the table preview