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Retool 2.29.14

S3 Extensions

  • Added support for generating signed requests.
  • This allows to create a temporary URL that you can use in <img> tags to render data from private S3 buckets
  • Added support for uploading data to S3 buckets, like json or csv files.

Video player component

  • Embed videos into Retool, control playback rate, and read timestamps from the video
  • Supports Youtube, Vimeo, Streamable, mp4 files, etc.

Salesforce integration

  • Fixed various issues when calling into Salesforce Apex classes
  • Added an option to auto-flatten child objects in SOQL queries


  • GraphQL variables are preserved when the query's syntax temporarily becomes invalid while typing out a query.
  • Authentication cookies are correctly forwarded along with GraphQL introspection queries


  • Queries that update / delete rows can now be configured to treat a no-op as a success case.
  • Improved styling of our OAuth consent screen
  • Added the option to duplicate data in Google sheets
  • Show an error when metadata about a resource failed to fetch - e.g. the list of tables / columns in a database or the list of spreadsheets available.
  • KeyValueMap components now render singleton arrays without [ and ]
  • Add a X-Retool-Forwarded-For header to outgoing API requests


  • Fixed autocasting of bit(1) and binary columns in MySQL
  • Fixed loading database schemas from Denodo datasources