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Retool 2.31.15

Editor Improvements

  • We've optimized the sizing of everything in the Retool Editor.
  • It's now friendlier on computers with smaller screens and makes sure that you can see everything you need to without having to scroll or zoom out.


  • Microsoft SQL Server queries now support returning multiple recordsets. For example the below will now return both results in the same SQL query -- Find all the rogers select from dbo.Users where name = 'Roger'; -- Find all the sarahs select from dbo.Users where name = 'Sarah';
    • Tables can be server-paginated without specifying the total size of the dataset being paged through.
    • In case you've forgotten how Retool works, or if you want to show a friend the basics, you can now restart the tutorial from the home screen by clicking on Do Tutorial
    • A link to our docs has been added to the sidebar.


    • Fixed: switching between production and staging now also auto-refetches the schema of your datasources