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Retool 2.31.27

Filepicker: Selecting multiple files

  • The Filepicker component now also supports selecting multiple files, and parsing them. You can select multiple files by holding either the Ctrl, Cmd, or Shift modifier keys while choosing your files.
  • The Filepicker component also now supports uploading entire directories.
  • All of this can be enabled or disabled in the settings of the Filepicker.

SQL Server improvements

  • SQL Server queries that comprise of multiple queries now have a more consistent behavior.
  • For example, in the following SQL query, the .data property will contain the result of the first select statement. On the other hand, to get the result of the 2nd select statement, you can use the .dataArray property. (e.g. {{ query1.dataArray[1] }}) select from SalesLT.Customer; select from SalesLT.Address;


    • The JSON Schema Form component now supports the ui:widget "date" and "datetime"
    • The Modal component's vertical size can be controlled either in pixels (500px) or percentages (80%).
    • The Rich Text Editor now has more consistent behavior when the initial value of the component is set programatically