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Retool 2.32.32


  • Retool can now connect to MongoDB databases through an SSH Tunnel
  • Dropdowns now use fuzzy searching when matching results
  • Add .reset method to the FilePicker component
  • Improved the Date format in Table components to be clearer and more concise
  • Improved the Editable Table to use a checkbox when editing boolean columns
  • Added the ability to trigger queries after an item is selected in a dropdown

SCIM User Provisioning

  • Retool is now generally available on the Okta integration network for both SAML and SCIM User Provisioning.
  • Creating, updating, and deactivating users are supported by Retool.
  • Syncing Groups and permissions is coming soon!
  • Learn more in the documentation.

New and Updated Integrations

  • CouchDB: We've added support for CouchDB as a database you can connect to. Learn more in the documentation.
  • Firestore: We've added the ability to insert and update data in Firestore.
  • OracleDB: We've added support for writing SQL to OracleDB.
  • We've added support for's API.


  • The Calendar component displays all events in the local timezone.
  • Tables with edited cells now always have "Save changes" button visible.
  • The JSON Schema Form component now shows an email input field correctly.
  • Improved speed of selecting icons on textinputs
  • Added support for OAuth2 to GraphQL datasources
  • Fixed bulk updates queries with Redshift datasources
  • Fixed various issues with the Denodo integration