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Retool 2.38.39

Custom React Components

  • You can now create your own custom components using React and Javascript.
  • We give you full access to the same APIs that our native components have.
  • For example, you can now use whatever charting library you want ( / D3 / etc.) as well as use custom React libraries like Material UI.
  • See below for an example of a scatter chart in Retool. Full docs here

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.34.31 AM.png

Dynamically Hiding / Showing Components

  • Retool now supports dynamically hiding and showing components.
  • Retool automatically relayouts the app to get rid of the empty whitespace.
  • Check it out in action below! Full docs here Screen Recording 2019-03-16 at 12.25 AM.gif

Undos / Redos

  • Retool now supports undos and redos!
  • On Macs use Cmd+Z to Undo and Cmd+Shift+Z to Redo changes you make while building your apps
  • On Windows / Linux use Ctrl+Z to Undo and Ctrl+Shift+Z to Redo changes you make while building your apps
  • Here it is in action: Screen Recording 2019-03-16 at 12.28 AM.gif

Improved Calendar

  • Added the option to modify and delete events in the calendar
  • Added the ability to set what kind of interactions in the calendar are allowed (e.g. creating events, modifying events, deleting events, etc.)
  • Added the ability to choose the default view of the calendar
  • Added a preview for events selected

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.45.01 AM.png

OAuth 2.0 Bugfixes

  • Retool now support sharing OAuth 2.0 credentials between users.
  • Retool also supports specifying an OAuth 2.0 Audience.
  • We've greatly improved the reliability of our OAuth 2.0 integration and extended support to GraphQL as well.

On Premise Response Time and Error Monitoring

  • Retool now ships with support for monitoring software.
  • New Relic example config NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY=your-new-relic-license-key NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME=retool-yourcompany-name NEW_RELIC_NO_CONFIG_FILE=true
    • Sentry example config: SENTRY_DSN=your-sentry-dsn

    Google Sheets

    • We've added support for updating Google sheets.
    • More docs and functionality coming soon!

    Misc Features / Bugfixes

    • Added support for triggering queries after a date is selected in the DateTimePicker with the onSelect property
    • Added support for Delimiter in S3's List Objects operation
    • Added support for GraphQL Cursor Based Pagination. Docs here!
    • Added support for ordering in Firebase queries
    • Added support for deleteOne to MongoDB.
    • Added support for dynamic Keys in JSON expressions
    • Improved performance of Retool's Snowflake integration
    • Handle MySQL connections more reliably
    • Added the option to allow dropdowns and multiselects to optionally allow itself to show out-of-range values
    • Added .setImageUrl method to the Image component
    • Whitelisted slack:// and mailto:// URLs for buttons and <a> tags.
    • Added the ability to set a delay before initially running a query on page load.
    • Added a Looker integration into Retool.
    • Added magic constants USER_GOOGLE_ID and USER_PRIMARY_EMAIL that can be used in the REST API integration to pass the currently logged in user's email / google id to the API server.
    • Improved how Retool serializes Firebase refs.
    • Added support for all Redis commands.
    • Added support for choosing a TDS version for Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Fixed several issues with the Map component and it's parsing of GeoJSON
    • Fixed logic for verifying if the user is currently logged into an API.
    • Fixed error handling for GraphQL queries.
    • Fixed a rare yet inexplicable bug where a Retool app will appear to be completely wiped clean.