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Retool 2.49

Retool managed notes — beta

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could just write a quick note about this user, but don’t want to create a table or add a column for it,” you should try the Note component. The component lets you comment on any row your database. For example, you can write a note (e.g. “duplicate user!”), attach it to userid_42, and retrieve it later. This is still in beta, so we’d love your feedback!

Playground updates: shared queries and variables

You can now share your Playground queries with the rest of the team! Once a query has been shared, all the editors in your team will be able to see, run, and edit the query.

Also new: variables in queries. Use double curly braces {{ }} in your playground queries to define parameters to your queries. To run parameterized queries in the playground, pass in values to variables on the right hand side.

Coming soon — import queries from the playground into your apps, so you can stay DRY and avoid copy/pasting queries 🙂

Calculated table columns

Ever wished you had Javascript in Excel? Now you have Retool! The Table component now lets you add columns populated by calculations (such as ones that reference other values in the table). And, of course, you get the power of JS with the {{ }}.

New resources: OpenAPI + CosmosDB + S3-compatible storage providers

We’ve added three new resources:

  1. API that has an OpenAPI specification (e.g. certain Google Cloud Endpoints)
  2. Azure CosmosDB
  3. You can now pass in a different base URL to the S3 resource to connect to any S3 compatible storage provider (ex: DigitalOcean Spaces or Wasabi)

Revert to an older release

You can now directly revert to an older release in the app editor, without searching through your entire history. (If your end users are not on the latest release, reverting to an older version will not revert their published version.)

Other improvements

  • SAML JIT user provisioning for Okta (if you know, you know)
  • You can now pass in SSL certificates to connect to RethinkDB
  • We added utils.copyToClipboard to let you copy text in Javascript queries
  • We now support various eastern european characters in our font, such as ľščťžřňěůôä for our Czech friends
  • Our MySQL and Postgres resources now accept self signed certificates — this is useful if you’re on GCP
  • Small fixes for containers in mobile mode, the DateTimePicker, and authentication for REST Queries
  • Various performance fixes