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Retool 2.51.4

Notes v2

We’ve heard your feedback and built out a version 2 of the Notes component. You can now leave multiple comments, and also see who commented and when!


We spiced up the schema viewer for SQL based resources. You can search by table, field, and collapse and expand columns. We’ve also made scrolling through more responsive.

Braintree component

We added a Braintree component to accept payments — and to keep our Stripe component company 🙂

Query Library!?

The Query Playground is now the Query Library. We want the name to reflect the core functionality we’ve added to to the Library, like reusable queries. We hope this doesn’t stop you from playing around and experimenting though!

You can now pass along links to specific queries in the playground. This should make sharing queries much easier.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 1.59.37 PM.png


  • Table columns are now sorted by the unmapped value. Now, using a mapper on a column won’t affect your sorting.
  • The Create button on the home page is now disabled for users who can’t create apps
  • Fixed SSL connections for legacy versions of Aurora