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Retool 2.52.10


You can now reorder query tabs! Sometimes, it’s the little things πŸ™‚

Cascader Component​

When you need a dropdown with nested options, you can use our new Cascader component


  • Table cells have a new type: Modal β€” Clicking on a cell of this type will open a modal. You can use to customize your components inside.
  • You can show and hide columns using {{ }} in the Column Settings section

Query Library​

  • You can now delete your own queries in the Query Library
  • Query runs are now tracked in the audit log
  • REST resources are now displayed correctly with the base URL


  • Query preview now shows the data after transformation
  • Forms now validate text inputs of type email correctly
  • On-premise users now have git-syncing for resources
  • The MSSQL resource now lets you dynamically override username and password