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Retool 2.52.16

Complex Table Cells

Tables now support much more than just text. Columns can now be a Checkbox, TextInput, DatePicker, Button or Dropdown. This feature also completely integrates with bulk updates, making editing your data as simple as editing a table.

Refreshed Query Library

We’ve added a series of features along with a brand new look!

  • A View History button to look through query history and revert to an earlier version
  • A usage view to see which apps are using this query
  • Use imported javascript libraries inside {{ }}
  • A search field to find specific queries
  • Permission toggle to show/hide the library to different user groups


A Filepicker widget when expanded will become a dropzone.

Chart v2

We’ve added a new Chart component that lets you use all three charts in one.


  • Switching resources no longer clears out your query
  • Memory leak fixes for on-premise customers
  • MongoDB resources now support SSL and self signed certificates
  • MongoDB resources now support updateMany
  • Snowflake resources let you specify a DB schema
  • Table mappers now work correctly with filters
  • Apps with a large number of queries have better performance