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Retool 2.53.18

Add New Row

You can now add new rows to your data directly from your table. Useful when you don’t want to build a form :)

Better Omnibox

The new Omnibox (Cmd/Ctrl+K) now can take you to Resources, Folders, the Query library, and Settings in addition to the usual Retool apps


  • Added image/png as a type in GCS resources
  • Added better instructions to Container, Tabbed Container, and List View
  • Added option to enable batch querying for MSSQL queries
  • Accept multiple variable definitions in REST and GraphQL resources using custom auth
  • Fixed bug where {{ }} in URLs in REST and GraphQL resources were not being processed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where mappers were not working correctly with filters
  • Fixed a bug where Retool resources (REST, Run JS Code, etc.) did not work correctly in staging
  • Performance and reliability improvements