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Retool 2.53.31

Better resources

GraphQL resources now have a schema explorer!

  • You can now specify a database index/number for Redis resources
  • Our Lambda integration now supports Invocation type


  • Support restoring signatures from images in the Signature component
  • Add “isOpen” property to Modals
  • Better currency support for TextInput components

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issues with on-premise deployments on Ubuntu 16
  • Fix issue where callbacks in custom components were not being called correctly
  • Fix issue where empty strings instead of nulls were inserted into tables
  • Fix issue where JSON values from MultiSelect components weren’t parsed correctly
  • Fix syntax highlighting for dropdown values
  • Display Dropdown cells in Tables correctly in compact mode
  • Stop converting dates to strings during Git syncing
  • Bulk updates now work correctly in filtered tables
  • Remove extra scroll bars in the Query library