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Retool 2.66.25


  • Added a new SMTP Integration which supports sending emails to arbitrary SMTP servers.
  • **2FA **is now a feature all paid plans have available.
  • Added support for server variables in the **OpenAPI **integration
  • Added option to configure the min and max database pool size that on-prem Retool uses

Protected Applications (Beta)

  • Added support for using Protected Applications at the same time with the existing git syncing workflow.
  • Various UX improvements

Modules (Beta)

  • Added option to add descriptions to modules
  • Added option to convert existing containers into modules

Performance improvements

  • Users of a local Retool deployment can add the environment variable APPS_FS_SYNC_WATCHER=true to greatly improve the performance of modifying Retool apps.
  • Reduced the main bundle size of the Retool app by ~30%.
  • Added a cache for utilities used in the runtime of Retool.


  • Fixed issue in the **Table **component where date type columns did not support selecting a time of day.

  • Fixed issue where the **SAP Hana **integration would not work when connecting to the database via a SSH tunnel

  • Fixed issue where **Textinputs **would not accept negative number or currency values

  • Fixed issue where components could not be copy-pasted immediately after using CMD+C

  • Fixed issue where the Dropdown component sometimes may render its values behind another component

  • Fixed issue with Tabbed Containers when the list of tab names contains objects